$650,000 raised to date

Be My Eyes connects blind people with a community of sighted volunteers. Both parties install the app and when the blind person needs help he/she uses the app which calls out to the network of volunteers and sends a live video stream from the blind person’s device to the screen of the volunteer’s device. This way the volunteers can “be the blind person’s eyes” over the smartphone.

This high-flyer was founded in 2012 by Christian Erfurt (Aarhus Business College ’16) and Hans Wiberg (Singularity University ’16).

£30,000 raised to date

Effishent is a social and entrepreneurial project focussing on aquaponics farming business in the rural and mountainous regions of Indonesia to fight poverty and to improve the nutrient food supply in sustainable way. Aquaponics describes an efficient farming method, which combines the breeding of fish with a hydroponic compound (vegetable extension without soil). Throughout this symbiosis, a stable water and nutrient cycle is developed, which is working without any pesticides and enables an ecologic and water saving farming.

This high-flyer was founded in 2017 by Alexander Pirkebner (BSc Economics, University of Mannheim ’18).

€2,300,000 raised to date

Feeligo provides branded digital stickers for use online. Their stickers let brands interact with their audiences and allow them to monetize online communities. Customers include 20th Century Fox and Duracell.

This high-flyer was founded in 2012 by Davide Bonapersona (MSc Computer Science, Oxford ’11) and Jonathan Levy-Bencheton (MSc Digital Business Management, HEC Paris ’11).

£250,000 raised to date

MicroQuin is a pre-clinical biotechnology company with first-in-class, lead compounds that use two technologies to kill breast cancers; one specifically targets cancers and another selectively induces cell death. It plans to optimise its lead compound, MQ001, and initially focusses on treating Triple Negative Breast Cancers (TNBCs), which accounts for one in five of all breast cancer cases.

This high-flyer was founded in 2016 by Scott Robinson (PhD Cell and Molecular Biology Research, Imperial College ’11) and Wei Luo (MSc Accounting and Finance, LSE ’06).

€130,000 raised to date

Motionpilot offers an all-in-one solution for drone piloting. It features a drone, first person view goggles and a motion controller and allows you to control the motion of your drone with the most intuitive movement of your hand.

This high-flyer was founded in 2017 by Thibaut Paschal (BSc Micro-Engineering, EPFL ’16), Arthur Gay (BSc Micro-Engineering, EPFL ’16), Benjamin Bonnal (BSc Microtechnique, EPFL ’18) and Timothée Peter (BSc Micro-Engineering, EPFL ’16).

£250,000 raised to date

PLINTHIT is reinventing the parasol base. The Danish company has turned the industry conventions upside down by letting go of the tube, the screws and the concrete base. By doing so PLINTHIT has increased not only the quality and functionality of the parasol base, but taken it to a completely new level.

This high-flyer was founded in 2014 by Josefine Østerby (BBA Sustainability Studies, Aarhus School of Business ’14) and Christian Toft Jakobsen (BBA International Business, Aarhus School of Business ’17).